Reliance Property Management Services

Reliance Property Management is a full service Management Company offering the following services:


Management Services

  • Receive, process and address homeowner calls and correspondence
  • Physical Property Inspections
  • Enforcement of Association Rules and Regulations
  • 24-hour accessability for emergency service
  • Prepare bids, evaluate proposals, oversee contractor services, and confirm satisfactory job completion
  • Attendance at 12 regular Board meetings, 1 Homeowner meetings
  • Meeting Room available

Financial Services

  • Assessment billing to owners
  • Process owner payments
  • Collect delinquent fees per Association’s collection procedure                                                                                         
  • Process and disburse payables
  • Provide Monthly financial reports to Board
  • Year to date, itemized budget report
  • Balance sheet
  • Detailed check register
  • Delinquency report
  • Bank statement
  • Review and prepare proposed Budget
  • Assist Board with end-of-year audit and tax return
  • Maintain all records locally




  • Reliance will facilitate the creation and assist in the maintainence of your communities website
  • Residents can pay their dues directly from the website
  • Personalized your website for the benefit of your community in almost anyway possible

    *References available

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